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What is a hackathon?  

A Hackathon is an event where students meet and work together to develop prototypes, develop conceptually or further develop existing projects.  

Date and time spend 

The event will be held Friday to Sunday in week 10, 2019, you are expected to deliver 10 hours of man hours – 2 hours before and minimum of 4 hours afterwards.  

What will the students have time to develop at a Hackathon? Are we guaranteed proper return of the collaboration?  

You are ensured 400 man-hours work which ensures a high quality of work by mentors and experts. Students have developed concepts creating new business opportunities with an estimated value of DKK 10. Mio at previous hackathons. Furthermore, it has created motivated employees.   

How will you match the students? And what type of students participate?

The event directs ambitious students across the Danish education? The students apply to be part of the event, and we will select and match 72 students in cross-disciplinary teams.  

Is the quality of students not recessive? 
Recognized stage-gate model and experts secure professionalism in the supply.    

What will it take from us as a company?  

Financial support and a relevant problem statement from the building sector. In addition, you will have to be available at 10 hours, divided at 2 hours before the event and minimum 4 hours after the event.   

If you still have questions feel free to contact Mathilde Dræger, phone number: 25134670e-mail 

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