From SDG to business in the building sector

Your company can now apply to become a case company when energetic students gather 8th-10th March 2019 to work on implementing the sustainable development goals into the building sector. Apply January 31st the latest.

Why take part.

8th-10th March 2019 students gather to transform the sustainable development goals into business in the building sector. For doing so, we need your company as a case. We gather students from cross-disciplinary fields whom all wish to create the building sector more sustainable. 

In a time period of 3 days will the students in teams solve a problem for you as a case. As a company, you will get concrete solutions and prototypes on exactly your demands.

The process.


Complete contact formula as a case company


Clarify statement of the problem and case presentation (we will help you)


Reply to questions and be available for teams (approximately 2 hours) 


Participation for the hackathon (minimum 4 hours)

Are you ready?